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本文摘要:The companies behind two of the hottest stock market debuts of 2014, Lending Club and the Alibaba Group, are teaming up — to help American companies buy parts from Chinese manufacturers.挤身2014年最热门上市事件之列的两家公司——Lending Club和阿里巴巴集团——正在进行合作,以协助美国企业从中国的生产商那里订购零部件。


The companies behind two of the hottest stock market debuts of 2014, Lending Club and the Alibaba Group, are teaming up — to help American companies buy parts from Chinese manufacturers.挤身2014年最热门上市事件之列的两家公司——Lending Club和阿里巴巴集团——正在进行合作,以协助美国企业从中国的生产商那里订购零部件。The two announced on Tuesday that they would form a partnership to provide financing for manufacturers in the United States to buy products and supplies through the Chinese marketplace Alibaba.com. Through Lending Club, the giant of the online marketplace lending industry, those companies can line up from $5,000 to as much as $300,000 for each purchase order.双方周二宣告将正式成立合作平台,为美国的生产商获取融资,协助它们在中国的市场Alibaba.com上出售产品和展开给养。

通过在线市场借贷行业的巨头Lending Club,各家企业可以为每笔订单筹措5000至30万美元(约合3.1万至190万元人民币)平均的资金。It’s an unusual move meant in part to replace traditional business supply-chain borrowing, at least for the small- to medium-size businesses that look to Alibaba for a portion of their manufacturing. Rather than have to rely on banks or other traditional lenders who require collateral for their financing, these customers can instead use Lending Club’s systems to procure an unsecured loan with near-instant approval.此举出人意料,一定程度上是为了代替传统的企业供应链借贷,最少对那些部分生产确信阿里巴巴的中小型企业来说如此。


它们可以利用Lending Club的系统取得无担保贷款,并且完全立刻就能获批,而不必倚赖银行或其他传统借贷机构。在获取融资时,传统机构一般拒绝对方展开抵押借贷。“This partnership is going to make a pretty big difference in terms of U.S. business’ ability to buy goods from China,” Renaud Laplanche, the chief executive of Lending Club, said in a telephone interview.“这一合作关系,将让美国企业从中国订购商品的能力获得相当大的提高,”Lending Club的首席执行官雷诺·拉普朗什(Renaud Laplanche)在拒绝接受电话专访时回应。And it is a unifying of two of the most talked-about online marketplaces of the moment. Alibaba is one of China’s biggest Internet companies, whose multiple platforms — including Alibaba.com, which is meant for wholesale purchases — draw millions of customers. And Lending Club helped define what once was known as peer-to-peer lending, in which potential investors can go online to be matched with hopeful borrowers.这也是当下尤为外界热议的两家在线平台的合力。

阿里巴巴是中国仅次于的互联网企业之一,旗下享有多个平台——还包括主要面向杂货做生意的Alibaba.com——更有了数以百万计的客户。Lending Club则参予创建了一度被称作“个人对个人”的借贷模式。在这种模式中,潜在投资者可以通过网际网路来找寻与自己给定的潜在借款方。

The loans for the new venture, to be called “Alibaba.com e-Credit Line, Powered by Lending Club,” comes at lower interest rates than what others can provide. According to Mr. Laplanche, the new venture offers a monthly interest rate starting at 0.5 percent, about half of what a more traditional lender could provide.取名为“Alibaba.com e-Credit Line, Powered by Lending Club”的这座新的平台获取的贷款利率高于其他机构。据拉普朗什讲解,该平台的月利率低于为0.5%,约是传统借贷机构的一半。But unlike more traditional manufacturing financing options, such as “factoring,” the loans aren’t backed by particular assets.不过,与“保理”等更为传统的制造业融资选项有所不同,这些贷款会有特定资产借贷。

Alibaba had begun searching for a lending partner several months ago, eventually reaching out to both traditional banks and newer market-based lenders. After what amounted to a lengthy audition process, including trips to Alibaba’s offices in China, the Chinese e-commerce giant ultimately chose to go with Lending Club.阿里巴巴几个月前开始找寻专门从事贷款业务的合作伙伴,对传统的银行和基于市场的新兴贷款机构都展开了认识。经过了相等于漫长试镜的一个过程,还包括几次探访阿里巴巴的中国办公室,Lending Club最后被选为与这家中国电商巨头合力的伙伴。“First of all, they are also a platform business,” Michael Lee, Alibaba.com’s global marketing and business development director, said in a telephone interview, adding that customers had asked for an simple financing solution for some time. “They are also very transparent with their rate and the way they do business. And they got good feedback from their own users.”“首先,他们也是一家平台型企业,”阿里巴巴的全球营销与业务研发总监迈克尔·李(Michael Lee)在拒绝接受电话专访时说。他还回应,一段时间以来,客户仍然在谋求一个非常简单的融资解决方案。



“他们的利率和业务模式也十分半透明,从自己的用户那里获得了很好的对系统。”For Alibaba, according to Mr. Lee, the hope is that customers will use such financing to make orders at least once a year. And if the system proves as easy to use as both sides hope, it could help convince more American businesses to order from Alibaba.com more often.迈克尔·李回应,阿里巴巴的期望是,客户将最少每年一次利用这样的融资来展开订购。如果这个系统像双方期望的那样更容易用于,就可以有助劝说更好的美国企业更加频密地通过阿里巴巴的网站下订单。For Lending Club, the move is meant to help further a move into new kinds of lending. Though it began life by offering debt consolidation loans to help pay off credit cards, the company has pushed to enter new kinds of financing, including elective surgical procedures and small-business loans.对于Lending Club来说,此举有助公司更进一步尝试新的贷款类型。

尽管这家公司最初的业务是获取债务拆分贷款来协助人们偿还债务信用卡欠款,它如今早已开始醉心新的融资种类,还包括面向选择性手术和小企业的借贷。Last month, the company formed a similar kind of partnership with Google, offering a way for businesses that resell the American technology giant’s services to gain low-cost financing.上个月,Lending Club与谷歌(Google)也达成协议了类似于的合作关系,为这家美国科技业巨头的服务销售商获取了一个取得低成本融资的途径。“It’s showcasing Lending Club’s unique ability to provide financing for the new economy,” Mr. Laplanche said.“这证明了Lending Club为新的经济获取融资的无以媲美的能力,”拉普朗什说道。